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You’ve been framed


Hey, yeah. There’s me up there. The one with the specs, or “Yo, Speccy” as I remember one man on an escalator in Westfield shouting at me.

I’m not sure to this day if it was an insult or a term of endearment but nonetheless if you’ve been an almost lifelong glasses wearer you’ll know the trials that come with this through school and your social life. In combination with my once bright ginger hair (also used to get “Nicole Carrot”) it doesn’t fare for an easy ride. So, as I’ve gotten a little older and through discovering I can’t touch, or anyone else for that matter, my eyeball at all without a pretty violent reaction to try contact lenses, I’ve had to learn how to work glasses into a fact of my visual appearance. To me, getting new glasses is like getting a brand new hair cut and every time I do I feel utterly refreshed and ready to start a new look all over again. Given that i’ve always been an avid follower (but unfortunately not buyer as I’m a poor as hell student in London) of fashion, I was pretty elated to find out one of my favourite fashion photographers Scott Schuman started a photography collaboration this year with eye-wear designer Luxottica.

If you don’t know him by that particular name, you might know him by his world famous fashion blog “The Sartorialist” which I have pretty much obsessed over since I was about 16. What makes this so amazing is that his wonderful way of scouting out interesting individuals with interesting style will be transferred exclusively toward finding cool and creative people to capture how they wear optics. The name of the collaboration is “FACES by the Sartorialist”, which also is really apt because people totally underestimate the ability of glasses to transform an individuals face in a positive way (although I may be biased as a result of my extra two eyes). Rather than seeing specs as a burden, something to taunt people about or a weakness in ability, why not start to see glasses as a part of someones unique persona and what that does for their particular look? Even better, at how their frames frame their face.

It happened with the gingers. Now it’s happening with glasses. We’re officially back in fashion.

*I do not claim to have any photography skills whatsoever and the only editing done to that poorly focused mess is an instagram filter. Sorry Scott. 


In case you didn’t know.. I’m ginger.

Okay. So upon typing “ginger” into the Facebook search box here’s a few links that come up.

“Always be yourself. Unless you’re ginger, then be someone else.”

“Not paying child support because your kid’s a ginger.”

I’m not taking all these kind of groups thick, but when is the world going to get over their infantile view of a hair colour? I can take a joke, but I find it genuinely laughable when the only type of insult someone can yell at me is “Oi, Ginger!” Has no one noticed that this has basically been the YEAR of the red heads? Here’s a few to name.

Here’s Emma Stone for one who is absolutely rocking the Red Head look despite being a natural blonde. Might I also add she was voted sexiest actress of 2011 by Victoria’s Secret.

Another one. Nicola Roberts, after ditching the fake tan and going all out pale, has catapulted into a maybe not thriving, but a “getting there”, solo career in addition to launching a gorgeous new make up range “dainty doll” for fair skinned girls. She is quickly transforming into a prominent “Belle” of the fashion world, accumulating chums such as Henry Holland and the likes, AND absolutely bombing every glitzy event she attends.

Last but DEFINITELY not least is my absolute idol. For every aspiring ginger fashionista (hate that word but nevermind) there is no one else more worthy to look to than Miss Florence Welch. If you are looking for unique style indulged in vintage hedonism, with lace, velvet and every other risky fabric combination in one, but nonetheless a style that just WORKS, look no further than this fiery haired songstress. I’m getting carried away with it here but she is the reason I haven’t given in to the taunts of nasty 12 year old’s calling me all sorts that rhyme with “ginge” (really where do they learn this nowadays?) and dyed my hair.  Most recent Muse to the man himself Karl Lagerfeld, she is one-of-a-kind, and the ideal figure head for all GINGERS alike.

So for anyone who does get a lot of agro for being ginger, two fingers in the air to them my chums! You have the best hair colour out and don’t you forget it. When all your friends have gone grey, the odds are that you’ll have clung onto your precious colourful locks for a few years longer, and they’ll be going to the hairdressers to try and find a shade of auburn to cover their greys!

Love Nicole X.