You’ve been framed


Hey, yeah. There’s me up there. The one with the specs, or “Yo, Speccy” as I remember one man on an escalator in Westfield shouting at me.

I’m not sure to this day if it was an insult or a term of endearment but nonetheless if you’ve been an almost lifelong glasses wearer you’ll know the trials that come with this through school and your social life. In combination with my once bright ginger hair (also used to get “Nicole Carrot”) it doesn’t fare for an easy ride. So, as I’ve gotten a little older and through discovering I can’t touch, or anyone else for that matter, my eyeball at all without a pretty violent reaction to try contact lenses, I’ve had to learn how to work glasses into a fact of my visual appearance. To me, getting new glasses is like getting a brand new hair cut and every time I do I feel utterly refreshed and ready to start a new look all over again. Given that i’ve always been an avid follower (but unfortunately not buyer as I’m a poor as hell student in London) of fashion, I was pretty elated to find out one of my favourite fashion photographers Scott Schuman started a photography collaboration this year with eye-wear designer Luxottica.

If you don’t know him by that particular name, you might know him by his world famous fashion blog “The Sartorialist” which I have pretty much obsessed over since I was about 16. What makes this so amazing is that his wonderful way of scouting out interesting individuals with interesting style will be transferred exclusively toward finding cool and creative people to capture how they wear optics. The name of the collaboration is “FACES by the Sartorialist”, which also is really apt because people totally underestimate the ability of glasses to transform an individuals face in a positive way (although I may be biased as a result of my extra two eyes). Rather than seeing specs as a burden, something to taunt people about or a weakness in ability, why not start to see glasses as a part of someones unique persona and what that does for their particular look? Even better, at how their frames frame their face.

It happened with the gingers. Now it’s happening with glasses. We’re officially back in fashion.

*I do not claim to have any photography skills whatsoever and the only editing done to that poorly focused mess is an instagram filter. Sorry Scott. 


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